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Exam dates and fees 2019

Practical exams (session one)

Entry period: 11 February - 01 March 2019

All instruments and grades

Thailand June-July

Practical exams (session two)

Entry period: 02 - 23 July 2019

All instruments and grades

Thailand October-December

Practical exam fees

Prep Test 2,500 THB
Grade 1 4,200 THB
Grade 2 5,400 THB
Grade 3 5,600 THB
Grade 4 6,600 THB
Grade 5 6,700 THB
Grade 6 7,800 THB
Grade 7 8,800 THB
Grade 8 10,200 THB
ARSM 14,300 THB
Performance Assessment 6,700 THB
Ensemble: Primary 8,800 THB
Ensemble: Intermediate 10,200 THB
Ensemble: Advanced 14,300 THB

Music Theory exams (session one)

Entry period: 1 - 11 January 2019

Exam date

Thailand Saturday 2 March

Music Theory exams (session two)

Entry period: 29 March - 19 April 2019

Exam date

Thailand Saturday 15 June

Music Theory exams (session three)

Entry period: 1 August - 3 September 2019

Exam date

Thailand Saturday 2 November

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 1,850 THB
Grade 2 2,050 THB
Grade 3 2,250 THB
Grade 4 2,900 THB
Grade 5 3,200 THB
Grade 6 4,200 THB
Grade 7 4,300 THB
Grade 8 4,600 THB


Translations of Theory papers are available on request. Please enter a T in the ‘Specific needs’ box for each candidate who requires a translation.

Diploma exams (session one)

Entry period: 11 February -01 March 2019

Exam dates

Thailand June-July

Diploma exams (session two)

Entry period: 02 - 23 July 2019

Exam dates

Thailand October-December

Diploma fees

DipABRSM (complete exam) 17,100 THB
LRSM (complete exam) 54,800 THB**
FRSM (complete exam) 80,300 THB
Resit fee: DipABRSM 13,700 THB
Resit fee: LRSM 43,800 THB
Resit fee: FRSM 64,200 THB


* ARSM exams will take place during Practical exam periods (as of January 2017) - see the first tab for details of fees.

** LRSM Teaching fees are payable in two instalments. 40% must be paid on submission of the Case Study Portfolio & Video of Teaching Practice. The balance is payable when entering for the remaining sections of the exam.

Diploma retake fees

Please note that retake fees apply only to candidates applying for a partial retake (2.2 or 2.1 and 2.2, etc.). If candidates are retaking the complete exam, the full fee is payable.


其他收费 *








10 英鎊(文憑考試 17英鎊





申訴調查 **




60 英鎊 / 考生

60 英鎊 / 考生


22 英鎊

22 英鎊


** 處理多名考生申訴時,調查費用不會高於本地術科/樂理5級考試費用的五倍。

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